Why Ozone?

THE DIFFERENCES ARE CLEAR - Natural Pools Australia

The benefits of a SwimFresh ozone water purification system, compared to chlorine and salt, are countless. It is SwimFresh’s powerful combination of silver ions, ozone and copper ions that is producing untold benefits for new and long-term pool owners’ alike to have a Natural Pools Australia.

The innovative "Silver Cellerator" automatically produces a natural bactericide and algaecide that safely sanitises water to the highest health standards, SwimFresh Ozone is one of the most powerful Sanitizers and Oxidizers on the market with an effective kill rate on viruses, bacteria and fungi at around 5000 times faster than chlorine, whilst leaving only super oxygenated water and colloidal copper and silver ions.

Ozone is active oxygen, O3 is oxygen with an extra oxygen molecule attached to it.  This extra Oxygen molecule penetrates the body at a intracellular level, flooding it with the healing affects of Oxygen. As a result, you will be left feeling more invigorated, more refreshed and more alive than ever before. The high levels of oxygen in the water heals cuts, skin rashes, eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

Ozone leaves a crystal blue tint in the water and oxygen bubbles that are visible to the eye.
Filters can be backwashed onto the lawns and gardens as Ozone encourages healthy foliage and growth.
Ozone creates water that feels like “silk”. Skin and hair feeling much softer after swimming.
Ozone has been used for many years throughout the world in medical applications, dental rinses and water sanitation. Every Olympic pool is Ozone, and it is used in many municipality pools and health spa retreats throughout the world.
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SwimFresh Ozone Process
Pure Health


  • Gentle on hair, eyes, lungs and skin
  • Helps heal skin rashes such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis, and cuts
  • Promotes relaxation, refreshment and invigoration
  • Eradicates your family’s exposure to dangerous toxic chemicals
  • Reduces asthma attacks, allergic reactions and skin rashes
Pure Environment


  • Pools and spas look, feel and smell cleaner
  • Water is smooth and moisturising, just like swimming in silk
  • No need to shower after swimming, saving you water
  • Re-usable water promotes healthy gardens, saving you more water
  • Eradicates toxic chemicals from your home
Pure Value


  • Santises 5000 times faster than chlorine, saving you money over time
  • Without ongoing chemical costs, it rapidly pays for itself
  • No corrosion to pool equipment and surfaces, eliminating costly repairs
  • Swimwear doesn’t fade or deteriorate
  • Saves you time (and money) by reducing chemical dosing
  • The pH neutral system makes maintaining water chemistry easy